Meet the Team

“Small enough to know you, big enough to serve you.”

At Judy Lane ICS, we believe that our team is the best in the business. Each member of staff has played an intricate role in the establishment of what is at the heart of our company’s core values; innovation, creativity and efficiency.

We take pride in all of our team members and value each and every opinion and idea in order to continually foster an environment which is a rewarding one to work in. We also know how important it is to keep our culture of teamwork alive; thus, we hold regular social events, retreats and incentive programs together which only serve to complement our ongoing successes together.

What makes Judy Lane ICS outstanding, is that each and every one of us takes pride in and truly loves what we do. This has been demonstrated time and time again and we celebrate the notable achievements of many of our past events.

To learn more about our team, feel free to view our individual profiles below.

  • Judy Lane Judy Lane
    Judy Lane

    Managing Partner

  • Christoph Raudonat Christoph Raudonat
    Christoph Raudonat

    Director of Associations

  • Marta Collins Marta Collins
    Marta Collins

  • Marc Pursals Marc Pursals
    Marc Pursals

  • Dawn O’Hanrahan Dawn O’Hanrahan
    Dawn O'Hanrahan

    Senior Manager

  • Annie Dunster Annie Dunster
    Annie Dunster

  • Esther Meneses Esther Meneses
    Esther Meneses

  • Barbara Nayler Barbara Nayler
    Barbara Nayler

  • Stefanie Blankestijn Stefanie Blankestijn
    Stefanie Blankestijn

  • Michele Williams Michele Williams
    Michele Williams

  • Gill Pilkington Gill Pilkington
    Gill Pilkington

  • Sue Percy Sue Percy
    Sue Percy

  • Mathias Posch Mathias Posch
    Mathias Posch


  • Jenn Abbott Jenn Abbott
    Jenn Abbott

    Vice President

  • Grit Schoenherr Grit Schoenherr
    Grit Schoenherr

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Andrew Dergousoff Andrew Dergousoff
    Andrew Dergousoff

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Aksinia Shier Aksinia Shier
    Aksinia Shier

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Manuela Marchetti Manuela Marchetti
    Manuela Marchetti

  • Dave Venus Dave Venus
    Dave Venus

    Director of Marketing

  • Jennifer Brock Jennifer Brock
    Jennifer Brock

    Manager - ICS America