Meet the Team

The core team works closely on all events which ensures that clients benefit from full team support and knowledge. They are supported by an experienced administration, finance and IT team.

  • Marc Pursals Marc Pursals
    Marc Pursals

    Managing Director

  • Dawn O’Hanrahan Dawn O’Hanrahan
    Dawn O'Hanrahan

    Director of Operations

  • Judy Lane Judy Lane
    Judy Lane


  • Annie Dunster Annie Dunster
    Annie Dunster

  • Esther Meneses Esther Meneses
    Esther Meneses

  • Barbara Nayler Barbara Nayler
    Barbara Nayler

  • Ele Dexter Ele Dexter
    Ele Dexter

  • Stefanie Blankestijn Stefanie Blankestijn
    Stefanie Blankestijn

  • Michele Williams Michele Williams
    Michele Williams

  • Ali Massey Ali Massey
    Ali Massey

  • Marta Collins Marta Collins
    Marta Collins

  • Mathias Posch Mathias Posch
    Mathias Posch

    Managing Partner

  • Jenn Abbott Jenn Abbott
    Jenn Abbott

  • Grit Schoenherr Grit Schoenherr
    Grit Schoenherr

  • Andrew Dergousoff Andrew Dergousoff
    Andrew Dergousoff

  • Aksinia Shier Aksinia Shier
    Aksinia Shier