About Judy Lane ICS


Established originally as Judy Lane Consulting (JLC) in 1994, the core team worked together for more than 25 years and, collectively, we gained unparalleled experience of international conference, exhibition and association management. In 2016 we joined International Conference Services (ICS) Ltd. to become Judy Lane ICS.

We have worked in 30 countries and most major cities in the world on events ranging from 80 - 5,000 participants and, as a result, have an unparalleled range of contacts. The variety of countries and nationalities we have encountered over the years has given us a combination of diplomacy, persistence, patience and humour which we believe is our hallmark.

The whole team is involved in all major events, thus giving clients the benefit of each individual's knowledge and appropriate experience. We are equally at home whether organising an event for 70 in Mumbai or 5,000 in Manhattan, and the variety of locations, events and client requests means that we are never at a loss for innovative ideas.

Judy Lane ICS offers the flexibility to enable clients to select elements of our services, particularly when there is a need to supplement and support their in-house staff. We also act as the core PCO for several national and international associations.

Contact us on: Judy Lane International Conference Services (JL ICS), PO Box 5098, Broadstone, BH18 9WG,UK

Tel: +44 (0)1202 699 488
Fax: +44 (0)870 429 2125

Client Promise

  1. We help you achieve your goals by making them ours.
  2. We always have a solution.
  3. You always have direct access to Leadership.
  4. We pursue innovation.